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 From Comacchio to the Marshland Museum
The Comacchio section of the A.N.M.I. organizes and manages a new nautical itinerary of a historic-naturalistic nature, with three different and suggestive proposals. The ships are those typical ones of the lagoon, row-boots, able to carry from 4 to 8 persons.

Itinerary 1
The first itinerary departs from Comacchio, from the pier of the Nautical Centre A.N.M.I., in dello Squero street (behind the “Coop Fattibello supermarket”).
From this point, we are directed to the fishing station, called “Foce”, passing through the Fattibello marsh.
Upon reaching the Foce, you can visit the historic-environmental Documentation Centre, which is also equipped with halls for meetings and audiovisual projections. There is the chance to rest by the restaurant “Bettolino”, set up in an ancient fishing house, called “casone”.

Itinerary 2

The second proposal covers the route between Comacchio-Saline-Torre Rossa, passing through the Fattibello marsh with a stop to visit the remains of the ancient fishing hut of Spavola marsh to the left of Torre Rossa Canal, (which links the Foce fishing station with the Passo delle Saline).
This structure from the 1700s is built around a practical plan and divided into two sections, there is an archway, the scribe’s room, that one of the assistant leader, the fishermen’s room and that one for the chief, who was the supreme authority within the so called marshland “family”.
Like all the other houses (casoni), there was also the hut, about 15 meters long and more or less 8 meters wide, divided into two rooms, where the instruments and equipment use in fishing were placed.

Itinerary 3

The last proposal consists in a short and free itinerary, departing from the A.N.M.I.’s dock at the “Foce” fishing station for a visit to the Venighi marshes. It is a strictly naturalist circuit with the chance to do birdwatching.
The most important of the fauna are the mallards, the teals, the gadwalls, the avocets, etc.
Time and visit’ s timetable are the following: From march till october, from 9,00 a.m. till 5,30 p.m.

 Ferrara, Vallette di Ostellato, Comacchio, Porto Garibaldi
This is undoubtedly among the suggestive itineraries. Just follow the flow to the sea.
Eighteen kilometres away is the pier of Fossalta, on the left bank of the river. Although not highly visible, it is equipped with an excellent mooring and a riverbed 120 centimeters deep. Here it is possible to stock up on fresh and genuine foodstuffs.
Further on we find the town of Sabbioncello San Vittore, where it is possible to dock.
Here you can obtain refreshment at the trattoria in the square and visit the peculiar Villa della Mensa (an architectural monument, dating back to the 16th century). Boarding once more, proceed toward the Conca di Valpagliaro.
At this point it must be mentioned that all the “conca” or basins are managed by the Regional Navigation Agency.
Again in this area, it is possible to stop for some quick refreshment.

The next stop is set for Final di Rero, where you can dock at the high-water bed, slightly before the bridge on the left.
Again this countryside is not lacking for trattorias, restaurants and pizzerias. Subsequently we approch Migliarino, where it is possible to dock at the pier. Migliarino is a quaint historic and rural centre, rich in villas and towers, as well as equipped with avant-garde services. Proceeding onward we reach the town of Fiscaglia, where the river forks.

At this point follow the right-hand branch toward Ostellato, where it is possible to dock at the characteristic wetlands, managed by the SORGEVA agency. Here there is an excellent restaurant and you can fish, participating in agricultural tourism, rent mountain bikes, itineraries on horseback, canoeing, archery, bird-watching and rent house-boats.
The next step’s characterized by the Lepri marshland basin (A.R.N.I.), where the necropolis and settlement of Spina must be mentioned even though they are not visible. Here the archeological digs brought to light ground-level tombs and pile-dwellings, devpoid of any architectural features.

Today the archeological area is fenced off and from vegetation covered. The worker of the basin has also the task to open the two subsequent drawbridges: that one in the Lepri marsh and the other one in San Pietro at Comacchio.
In the lagoon city of Comacchio, it is possible to dock at the Cappuccini moorings and to visit the picturesque city on the water: walk by the ancient Sanctuary and the Cappuccini’s open gallery, the Cathedral of San Cassiano, Merchants open Gallery, the Clock Tower, the emblematic Trepponti Bridge, the Sbirri Bridge, the ancient churches of Rosario and Carmel, the ancient San Camillo Hospital and Bellini Palace.

Everyday in the historic centre you can take a free boat trip along the channels in the centre of the town.
From Comacchio to the sea is approximately a four kilometers trip, through the navigable channel, named “Pallotta”.
The whole distance covered by this itinerary is about 60 kilometers and the allowed speed limit is twelve kilometres per hour. Concerning petrol station, you can find it in Porto Garibaldi, an ancient seaside centre and home of one of the most important fleets along the Adriatic Sea.

 Lido degli Estensi

Lido degli Estensi is provided of a very modern touristic dock and furnished of excellent services.
It’s an ideal starting point to know the waterways which form the Po Delta.



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