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Equestrian tourism is a different way to feel emotions and traditions in a closer relation with flora, fauna and open spaces. In the suggestive habitat of the Po Delta, horse can be an alternative transport, which is ecological, compatible and ideal to reach those zones, otherwise inaccessible; a way, sometimes hard to move but particularly fascinating and adventurous.
Lots of riding centres and accommodation facilities, specially tourist farms and campings, which offer the tourists, horses and qualified staff during the excursions. Proper guides are able to give information about different aspects of the selected itinerary, not only from the point of view of cultural and landscape characteristics, but above all respecting the paths and itineraries, allowed to the equestrian tourism.
It’s essential for the riding tourist to respect right of way in secondary roads, long the rivers’ and channels’ banks, through private lands or state areas, like beaches. It’s necessary to be equipped in the right way, for himself and horse too; to chose the right walk according to the path’s peculiarities.
The white horses of Delta, which descend from the Camargue breed, are especially suited for riding trekking, , cause of its morphological peculiarities and nature, they adjust well to the environment of the Delta’s mild zones.

Argenta   Rifugio di Valle Prato Pozzo - Via Rotta Martinella - Anita   Info 0532 801058
Comacchio   Spiaggia Romea V.le Oasi 2 - Lido delle Nazioni   Info 0533 355366
Ostellato   Centro Equitazione Valli di Ostellato - Via Argine Mezzano, 1   Info 0533 680376



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