The position of the Lidos is geographically very convenient. They border three provinces, Ravenna (25 km)Ferrara (60 km) and Comacchio (8 km) and are in the centre of the Po Delta. The Po Delta offers a lagoon landscape of rare beauty. 
It is home to many species of birds which can be observed against the magnificent backdrop of sunset over the marshes. Ravenna, Ferrara and Comacchio are all historical towns with museums, exhibitions and shows and sights that the more selective tourist can enjoy.


Food is an essential feature of every holiday. The FerrareseComacchiese and Romagnole cooking is traditionally renowned and the restaurant of the area offer the chance to enjoy this tradition.


The ideal means of transport, for short trips, is the bicycle, especially during the low season months when the heat is less intense throughout the day.


Our office at Lido di Spina, in Via delle Acacie 11, has an internet point for guests. It costs 1€ ( 5 minutes) and €2.50 ( 30 minutes).


There is a market in every Lido, town and city, every week on the same day from 8.00am to 13.00pm. 
Monday: Lido di Spina ( from June to the middle of September) - Tuesday: San Giuseppe (all Year) - Wednesday: Comacchio, the most important market in the area, (all year)/ Ravenna (all year) - Thursday: Porto Garibaldi (all year) -Friday: Lido di Pomposa (from June to the middle of September) - Saturday: Lido degli Estensi (from May to the end of September) Ravenna (all year) - Sunday: Lido degli Nazioni (all year).

Lido di Spina: +39 0533 33.01.13
Lido delle Nazioni: +39 0533 37.95.85
Lido degli Estensi: +39 0533 32.74.85

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