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An unexpected attraction for any tourist is the daily return to port of the fishing vessels with their catch, accompanied by flocks of gulls. Early every morning you can watch and listen to them shouting to each other whilst preparing their catch in crates and gathering and repairing their nets. They also sell their fish directly to the public. Furthermore whilst walking along the port you will be enveloped by the appetising smell of fresh fish frying as the fish shops prepare their fried dishes.


The cookery itself contributes to the regions economy and thus encourages the constant improvement of the already high quality food available.
The restaurants both specialise in certain dishes and experiment in new ones at the same time maintaining their quality and traditions. Porto Garibaldi offers a wide range of restaurants from high quality restaurants to trattorias.


Boats depart daily from the port to fish for sea bass. Information about departure times can be obtained directly from the port. The trip usually lasts a whole or a half day and the lunch or supper is offered by thecrew. The crew also provide fishing rods if needed.


Fishing with a fishing rod or float is allowed in the many canals that surround the Lidos. A fishing license is needed and foreign tourists need to ask for permit. For those who do not have a lixcense or permit there are lakes where it is possible to fish by paying and entrance fee.


The san Giuseppe Karting Track on the SS309 Romea road behind Lido di Pomposa is often host to National and European races. It is often used by the Ferrari Team to carry out trials and teats. It is open to everyone, those who want to show off their skils, those who want to race with friends, or simply to those who want to experience something new. It is possible to rent Karts at the track and enter onto the track.

Horse Riding is one way to explore the territory maintaining contact with Nature. For those who wish to horse ride the stables " Spiaggia Romea" are between Lido di Volano and Lido delle Nazioni. The stables offer rides and bare back riding courses on the famous Camargue horses. There is another stables, more inland, called " Prato Pozzo. It is on the edge of the Comacchio marshes and is next to the left bank of the Reno. This stables offers the possibility to book horse trecking.

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