1. Subject of conditions: The information in question regards all your common, personal and sensitive data, that is data revealing your religious convictions, political opinions, membership of parties, unions, associations or religious, political or union organisations, as well as your health situation conveyed directly by you and other relevant details that will be acquired by us in the future directly or indirectly from third parties or through electronic or data transmission means and by use of any other technological systems in accordance with the law.

2. Purpose of treatment: The handling of your personal details is for company use only and always connected with the functioning of our company, for example:

1 - Use in conjunction with the acquisition of information useful for the activation or deactivation of contacts with our company.
2 - Use in conjunction with the personalisation or implementation of the services supplied by our company and for an eventual, satisfaction evaluation.
3 - Use in conjunction with the relaying of information regarding new products and services offered by our company.

3. Conditions of handling: The details will be inserted into a database and or stored in paper or software archives and will be manually, electronically, by way of data transmission or otherwise technologically handled by us in accordance with the law. The details will be properly and legally handled or in such a way as to ensure the safety and privacy of the said data, according to Act 196/2003.

4. The obligatory and facultative nature of the conferment of details and the consequences of an eventual refusal: The conferment of details for the above use is facultative. An eventual refusal to supply details, on your part, may impede certain aspects of the relationship. The conferment of details may prove necessary to allow our company to fulfil legal obligations regarding civil, taxation and administrative laws.

5. Persons or bodies to whom details may be passed on: Your details may be given by us to any public or private person or body, connected or associated company. The details may be given to controlling bodies to whom we have the obligation of communicating details also for the correct observation of any legal obligation connected or appertaining to present and future contacts to be set up with you and imposed by laws and or rules or for the fulfilment of the ends above mentioned.

6. Rights of interested parts
It is the right of the interested parts to claim all that is set out in Act196/2003, among these, the right:

1 - of information on the personal particulars of the owner and handler and of the nature in which the details will be handled;
2 - to cancel, block, update, rectify, transform into anonymous or integrate the details;
3 - to receive confirmation of the existence and the communication of the details, of their origin, of the logistic end of the treatment, all this within 90 (ninety) days;
4 - to oppose, for legitimate reasons, the treatment of the details that apply to you.

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