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Leaving from Lido di Spina or Lido degli Estensi, there’s the chance to visit the Comacchio’s marshes at first by bicycle and then by boat. Perhaps the last one is one of the most picturesque and fascinating itinerary to discover the local reality and the popular culture, which is strictly bound to the marshes’ lifestyle and to the eels’ fishing.
It leaves by bicycles from the Lidos, taking via dei Tigli, which links the Logonovo’s left embankment and it crosses the SS 309 Romea, it takes the street on the right side of the Logonovo Channel, following the signal “salt works” (SALINE), after some meters it appears on the left side the very first water’s spots. It goes on till the salt works, where there is a layby defined by a bar, it crosses on the right side an irony bridge, accessible only by walking or by bicycle and it goes on the same path for more or less 3 km till the “marshes’ museum”, where it’s interesting to watch the short movie, dated 1939, about Comacchio and its close restaurant is the “Casone di Foce”, ancient house of marshes’ workers, which is at the moment transformed in a peculiar restaurant, called “Bettolino di Foce”, where before coming back it can taste a typical dish such as rice with eels or grilled eels.

After having parked, there are three chances:
1. on the left, it crosses an irony bridge and from a quay a boat leaves (min. 10 people) - (from 9,00 a.m. – 11,00 a.m. and from 3,00 p.m. – 5,00 p.m.)
After an hour and half, it’s possible to know how the marshes’ lifestyle were, where everything was depending on eels’ fishing and its marinate.
2. going straight on, on the left of the ramshackle house, it takes the way to the channel and goes on along the left side of the marsh till the path to the embankment, called Agosta (ca. 6,5 km.).
3. on the right, it crosses the irony bridge and then going on right along the Fattibello marsh, it arrives to Comacchio.

Info: Tel: +39 0533 32.89.30 - Handy phone: 348 4710332 - http://www.vallidicomacchio.it/indexe.htm



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